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Re: apache + cgi

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Pere Camps wrote:

 : Hi!
 : 	Is there any way to limit the execution time/child processes of an
 : CGI executed by apache?
 : 	I want apache to be able to run the following...
 : void main(void)
 : { 
 : while (1) {
 : 	fork()
 : 	}
 : }
 : 	And after too much time of CPU usage and/or child processes, kill
 : 'em all. :)
 : 	Any help available?
 : ps: /etc/limits with user www-data doesn't work.

If you want to limit by actual clock time, you could use alarm and catch
the signal (I know how to do it in Perl; I'd have to stumble a bit to do
the same thing in C :)

For further ideas I'd have to grab my APUE by Stevens (an excellent

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