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Re: apache + cgi


> If you want to limit by actual clock time, you could use alarm and catch
> the signal (I know how to do it in Perl; I'd have to stumble a bit to do
> the same thing in C :)

	The problem is that I have an 'untrusted' user base I everything
has to be implemented by the parent process or by the system itself. I
have no way of making the users behave themselves (in fact, they misbehave
for the fun of it) with good cgi programming.

	For example, today an user executed the C program I posted before
and almost made the machine stop. Thanks God I was logged and I could kill
all the processes. I took the ExecCGI permission from the user and told
him a couple of things...

> For further ideas I'd have to grab my APUE by Stevens (an excellent
> book!)

	Apache United Enterprise? ;)

-- p.

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