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Re: kernel upgrade options - follow-up


On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, John wrote:

> >Are you sure you're not confusing the kernel headers in /usr/include/linux
> >with the actual kernel source tree that is usually placed in
> >/usr/src/linux?
> >
> I may well be, but what is certain is that /usr/src contains only one
> directory and that is RedHat/ (this presumably because I elected to 
> install rpm and its dependency in my original install).

Yes, i believe the rpm package puts that directory there. I'd recommend
using alien to install rpm packages instead of rpm, if you must install
rpms at all.

> Could the fact that I have a kernel on the floppy from which I boot
> have any bearing?

A kernel source tree is not technically necessary to run a Linux system,
so it doesn't surprise me that one isn't installed.

Debian provides the necessary headers for normal programming in the
libc6-dev package (which every few months someone complains about, and
several people then point that person to the various explanations of why
Debian does this (one of the best is in kernel-package, installed to

> Again, many thanks for your kind and clear help - there's much 
> peripherally for me to try and 'take on board'. 

No problem, that's the purpose of this list (:

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