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Re: Which IPs for Which Devices?

Art Lemasters (alemas@rmi.net) wrote:

>      I have one Linux box (with DNS, etc.) connected to the Internet with
> a modem (PPP).


> I want to connect it with a router (routing PPP) via one 
> ethernet card (eth0).  Should all three devices (Linux system, ethercard
> and router) have the same IP address...

I don't understand this part.  What is this router, exactly?

Do you have other computers on a local area network with which you would
like to use the Internet?  If so, you can have your Linux box work as
a router.

> I've found so far only addresses nets with a whole range of IP addresses,
> but I only have _one static IP_.     

If you want multiple computers to share a single IP address then you need
to use IP masquerading (or just use a traditional proxy configuration).

Read the IP Masquerading mini-howto.

And be forewarned: you may not be able to get the slink ipmasq package
to work; I found it much better to configure IP masquerading by hand.

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