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Re: kernel upgrade options - follow-up

on 17 Oct 99, Brad wrote...(inter alia)...

>Please put plank lines between the quoted text and replies, it makes things
>easier to find
>On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, John wrote:

>> >> According to the Howto the kernel should be in /usr/src/linux - it 
>> >> seems to be in /usr/include/linux/2.0.36 on my box.
>> >
>> >Odd... What i'd recommend is to put the kernel into /usr/src/linux-version
>> >(where version is the version number, e.g. 2.2.7), and symlink
>> >/usr/src/linux to that directory.
>> >
>> I've rechecked and it is in /usr/include with many .h files and some
>> directories for example dpkg. Should the symlink be to /usr/include?
>Are you sure you're not confusing the kernel headers in /usr/include/linux
>with the actual kernel source tree that is usually placed in
I may well be, but what is certain is that /usr/src contains only one
directory and that is RedHat/ (this presumably because I elected to 
install rpm and its dependency in my original install). Could the fact that
I have a kernel on the floppy from which I boot have any bearing?

Again, many thanks for your kind and clear help - there's much 
peripherally for me to try and 'take on board'. 

On the main problem, I now feel able to attempt to get up to kernel 2.2.7 
by using 2.2.1 from the CD and then getting the patches via ftp.

I will let you know how things have gone in due course. It may take a
little while as I like to plan and move slowly, which I can do as time is
not a factor to me.
Regards, John.

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