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Re: booting from SCSI

:-> "Oki" == Oki DZ <litbang@haltek.telkom.net.id> writes:

    > Pierfrancesco Caci wrote:
    >> Is there a way to boot off a SCSI disk (/dev/sda2 is my root
    >> partition) if there is also an IDE disk (/dev/hda[1-5] are present) ?

    > All you need is just to install lilo.

this machine has been booting off lilo since 1996

    > I have an IDE and a SCSI disk having NT and Linux; I put Linux on the
    > SCSI disk and write lilo on the IDE disk. (When I did that I knew that
    > it was pretty risky, but it worked fine.)

that's how it used to work until last week

    > If your lilo doesn't work properly, just use a floppy to boot. What you
    > need to do is to copy your current kernel (of course, this assuming that
    > your Linux already runs) and use rdev to let the kernel know where the
    > root partition resides:
    > dd if=/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0
    > rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/sda2
    > rdev -R /dev/fd0 1

    > then reboot the machine.

booting from the floppy is not what I want. The machine should work
unattended and reliably without having to depend from a floppy

    >> The ide disk does not have bootable partitions but it has lilo on it
    >> because I can't get the system to boot off the scsi disk directly.
    >> Also, inserting/removing an IDE removable hd confuses LILO.

    > I believe that you have to reinstal lilo if you removing/adding disks.

still, this is not the intended behaviour. Before I changed
motherboard I could easily boot with lilo off the ide disk with or
without the removable ide.

    > Oki

Anyway, I've solved the problem. I have lilo on the MBR of the SCSI
disk now, instead of the boot sector of the active partition. Now it



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