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Re: booting from SCSI

:-> "brian" == brian moore <bem@cmc.net> writes:

    > You will have to convince LILO of it.


    >> From my lilo.conf (which does much the same thing... the IDE drive is
    > for mp3s and my archived debs):

    > | disk = /dev/sda
    > |  bios = 0x80

this was quite complicated to sort out, but it was an important part
of the solution.

    > Basically, the BIOS numbers drives starting at 0x80 (and perhaps only
    > supporting that one -- depends on the bios), and traditionally the 0x80
    > is the first IDE drive... but with scsi it gets more complex since the
    > SCSI BIOS remaps stuff around, so LILO gets it wrong unless you tell
    > it specifically to use drive 0x80.

All is working now, the bios sets the SCSI disk as boot disk (it's an
award bios, if that can matter), then I put lilo on sda instead of
sda2 as it was before. Plus I have the bios = 0x80 stuff to tell lilo
that the scsi disk is the first one, and I put sdb and hdb as
inaccessible as they are removable and the could well be absent.

A bit intricated but works



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