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Re: external modem problem

Oops.  I feel a little silly.  Almost right after posting this message I installed and
ran a version of the 2.2.12 kernel I compiled with plug-and-play included and the
modem works fine now.  Thanks anyway.

Richard Weil wrote:

> I'm having a problem with an external US Robotics 56K Faxmodem.  I'm
> running a Potato system with the 2.2.12 kernel on a Toshiba Tecra
> 700CT.  I have never gotten the modem to work with Linux before, but I
> have used it with Windows.
> The problem is this: when I run Minicom (or anything else that requires
> the modem) the modem is unresponsive.  The TR light -- Data Terminal
> Ready light -- gets lit up and the modem won't "talk" to the software.
> The same light also goes on when I run statserial to check the serial
> port.
> However, there is definitely some communication between the OS and the
> modem.  When I exit Minicom or statserial the TR light goes off.  Also,
> when I re-initialize the modem within Minicom the light temporarily goes
> off.  Also, when I updated my ppp connection with pppconfig I told it to
> search for all available modems and it found the modem (which is
> attached to /dev/ttyS0); when it was searching, all the lights on the
> modem briefly flashed.
> I've checked the dip switches on the modem and they seem fine -- they
> are set to the factory default, which includes the DTR switch off (I've
> tested it with it on as well; no good).  The serial port, /dev/ttyS0,
> also seems fine.  I have support for the serial port loaded as a module
> and when I type lsmod it shows up.  I don't think I have a getty running
> on the serial port (I checked /dev/ttyS0).  The info from setserial
> seems fine and I don't think that I have any conflicts (from
> /proc/interrupts).
> I'm stumped and any help would be much appreciated, especially since
> I've managed to disable my PCMCIA modem (which may soon be the subject
> of another post).
> Thanks.
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