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Re: Printer suggestion

Justin Settle wrote:

> For an ink jet, however, I own and Epson and, IMHO, they make a better
> product.  They are a bit cheaper, but built just as well, have high res
> and are pretty fast.  You mention higher cost to maintain (what are you
> referring to?) but I don't see that.  I have a 440 and it works very
> well for color printing; If you have money, buy something with a faster
> pages per minute.  I mention this because the 440 is about the same
> price as the bottom of the line HP but that model has only one cartridge
> - i.e. you can only do black and white or color.  The 440 has a CMYK
> with a K cartridge and a CMY cartridge.

I work with an Epson Stylus Color 850 at work. We have a lot of problems with the ink
cartridges because the printer wastes a lot of ink (for example, it cleans the injectors
on every startup by using quite much ink).

Besides, epson inkjet printers have a problem with injectors. In HP the injectors come
together with the cartridge, so every time you change the cartridges you are changing the
injectors. In Epson, if the printer is not used quite often (THIS IS MY CASE), the
injectors stall and they stop working. Therefore, the injectors have to be changed.

I have collected this information by asking to several friends and sellers. The
characteristics explained above, finally, lead to "higher cost maintenance".

What do you think about this?

                Manuel Arenaz

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