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problem with /dev/lp0

I use Debian with kernel 2.0.36. All information I can get from the
BIOS of my Intel PC about the parallel port ist, that io is 0x278 and
that the mode is normal (other possible modes: ECP, EPP 1.9 and EPP
1.7). So I say modprobe lp io=0x278. The printer is a HP LaserJet 4P
connected trough a bidirectional parallel cable. Since printing trough
magicfilter does not work, I tried to generate a file using gslj and
send that directly to /dev/lp0: 
cat file.lj > /dev/lp0
This takes about 4 seconds and produces no error. But nothing is
printed and there is no error message on the printer.
tunelp /dev/lp0 -s gives the following:
/dev/lp0 status is 240, out of paper, on-line, error
but the printer is not out of paper and displays no error. Also
printing works if the printer is connected to a Windows NT machine.
tunelp /dev/lp0 tells me that lp0 is using polling. lp1 and lp2 are
not configured. cat /proc/interrupts gives:

 0:    8290233   timer
 1:      35309   keyboard
 2:          0   cascade
 3:        188 + serial
 4:      73807 + serial
 8:          2 + rtc
 9:     116284   NE2000
13:          1   math error
14:    4628478 + ide0

Why does printing not work?

Any comments welcome!


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