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OT: Lucky me-2 boxes at work-what WIRE to connect them?

Yum, yum... I've come into possession of another box at work.  I want to play
with setting it up using my office machine to masquerade, and play with
Beowulf and computational chemistry.  But I know zilch about this.  I plan to
spend time figuring out the networking myself, but need to know if this can
be accomplished with token-ring cards, and what darned wire to put between
the 2 machines.  Can anyone give me Good news about this?  

One machine has an IBM card.  The other will sport 2 olicom cards (infamous
with 2.2.xx kernels, in my neighborhood anyway... so it'll be 2.0.36/38). 
Can I simply sneak a cable from the lab up the hall, or is there a lot more
to this?

Appreciate any help!

Kenward Vaughan

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