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Re: Sun classic

Andrew Hately wrote:
> I tried both the 2.2.1 kernel rescue disc and the 2.0.36 on my
> sparcstation2; the newer one didn't seem to be able to eject the floppy when
> the next one was needed.

Interesting... then how did you proceed? As far as I know, Suns don't
have  eject buttons on their floppy drives.

> Otherwise, its just like the i386 install, as Ben said.

It would be different with installing Slackware on x86 I suppose...

> To find out how to get the sun to boot from floppy, the debain install pages
> guide you to sun's boot prompt web pages. Something like "setenv
> boot_device=floppy" is needed; but check this - I did it once, months >ago...

Is it for Solaris or Debian? (or both?)

BTW, why would anyone install the Debian on Suns if the machines come
Solaris right out the boxes? The only reason I'm asking about Debian on
Sun is that I think it's an interesting alternative since the Classic
where I have an access to doesn't have Solaris on it (the CDs I mean).


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