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Re: Sun classic

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Ben Collins wrote:
> > IMO, the Debian install is a lot simpler. As I said Debian supports what the
> > kernel supports, which is any sun4c, sun4m, and sun4d (we also support sun4u,
> > ultrasparc, with the proper kernel). SPARC Classic is a sun4c, the same cpu
> Excellent, so basically I can install Debian on my Sun.
> BTW, uname -a says that the machine is sun4m; what kind of Sun is that?

A Sun4m is one generation newer (and thus faster) than a Sun4c.

> LX? There's no letter printed at the front panel of the machine. I said
> "classic", but actually it was a wild guess.

Good question - there's an extensive Sun hardware FAQ a

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