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Re: help! netstd screwed up... Other Problems!

Thought I'd mention the primary big problems I had with the update.  These
are ones for which I found no answer (I'm hardly a guru, though.  I expect
the workaround is out there somewhere.)  I thought it might be nice for
whoever's writing the install scripts...

Both gnome and kde were problems.  I don't know about the kde issues other
than I Think they are similar to the gnome ones.  (Both desktops are options
for me.  I actually play mostly with fvwm2/ctwm/other managers.)  I need
sleep occasionally.

Gnome packages hung on an issue of a gnome library package apparently trying
to overwrite a file also included in gnome-bin.  Renaming the file and
rerunning the install still failed despite gnome-bin not being on that
section of the install list, so I figure it's in the script somewhere?  I
"solved" this (after a number of unsuccessful attempts to force an install or
remove one package or another to remove the conflict) by using dselect to
remove all of gnome.  The apt-get dist-upgrade apparently continued to
install a few gnome packages.  Too late at that point to check.

Imlib also was problematic.  This stemmed from /etc/im being linked to
/etc/imlib (probably from an earlier potato update?), causing the install to
attempt copying an rc file onto itself.  I delinked the two, and copied imlib
to im.  Things proceded smoothly from there.  

I don't watch every thread here, so these may have surfaced before.  Sorry if
so.  But thought it would be best to throw 'em out to the pack.


In <[🔎] Pine.LNX.4.10.9910030158090.12008-100000@anomie.dhis.org>, on 10/03/99 
   at 02:06 AM, Brad <lists@anomie.dhis.org> said:

>> a whimper...   Will continue the update and see what happens.

>For the curious, the problem was probably like this:

>1) apt-get dist-upgrade runs through, upgrading tons of stuff.

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