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Re: help! netstd screwed up on updating potato


On Sat, 2 Oct 1999 kaynjay@igalaxy.net wrote:

> On Sat, Oct 02, 1999 at 09:51:44PM -0700, kaynjay@igalaxy.net wrote:
> > I am in the process of updating my potato system, and got the following error
> > wit the netstd package (this printout comes from attempting to reinstall the
> > package after the original at-get dist-update errors).
> Hmmm...  never mind (I guess).  Ran dpkg --configure --pending, got the
> others done (with warnings about LILO and netstd), then reran apt-get
> install netstd, and saw it finish both netstd and LILO's configuring without
> a whimper...   Will continue the update and see what happens.

For the curious, the problem was probably like this:

1) apt-get dist-upgrade runs through, upgrading tons of stuff.
   * perl tries to be upgraded, but libc6 2.1 isn't configured yet so it
     fails. This is mildly odd, since apt is supposed to know enough to do
     libc6 before perl thanks to the Pre-Depends line.
   * libc6 2.1 gets configured.
2) apt-get install netstd is attempted.
   * The update-inetd script can't run, because perl isn't yet configured.
     Therefore, the install fails.
3) dpkg --configure --pending is run.
   * libc6 2.1 is now configured, so perl happily configures too.
4) apt-get install netstd is attempted again.
   * perl is properly installed, so update-inetd happile updates
     inetd.conf. The install succeeds.

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