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KDE 1.1.2 : kdesupport - debian packages missing giflib?

I've been trying to get KDevelop installed for a few days now.  The
kdevelop.org homepage seems to be offline, and previously when I was able
to connect the .deb file I found did not download correctly.

Installing from tarball, ./configure complains about not finding giflib30
which should be part of the kdesupport package.

Neither kdesupport0g or kdesupport0g-dev seem to contain the library,
although -dev does have documents regarding it.

Is this a bug in the kdesupport0g-dev package in that it does not contain
all the right files, or am I simply not looking in the right places???

Please copy me directly on any replies since I have been known in the past
to miss replies due to the volume on this list.


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