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Re: netscape killing my machine

Although I have no figures from ps, I also got the impression that netscape is 
consuming too much memory.
That one reason why I am considering to try the Mozilla deb 

> As of very recently, netscape has been acting up.  A few times in the
> past few days it has just about halted my machine, on one occasion I
> needed to hard reboot.  I just arrived back from class a few minutes ago
> and I thought my comptuer was dead, turns out it was just going
> REALLY slow.  According to the cpu meter there was not much activity,
> but when I checked the memory I saw that I had only like 12mb free of
> physical (of 128) and like 40 of swap (of 300).  No wonder things were
> crawling.  I could hear all the swapping as my drive churned.  Anyways
> ps aux showed that netscape was using 79%!! of my memory.  I had to kill
> -9 it, kill wouldn't work, but after that things have returned to
> normal.  What could be causing this?  I use netscape for mail as well,
> and I think that there is something messed up with one of my mailboxes,
> but how does that cause this?
> -Aaron Solochek
>  leko@cmu.edu
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