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Re: Slink to Potato

> On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 08:17:41AM -0600, markzimm@rmi.net wrote:
> > How are you doing this?  Do you just go get the packages and 'dpkg -i' them
> > or do you use apt?  There are a bunch of things I want to upgrade on my
> > system but I assumed that all of the potato packages would have dependencie
> > to library versions I don't have and that updating my libraries would
> > break slink packages that I do have.
> > 
> This is exactly what apt is for.  Even dpkg -i will say something like
> "package depends on lib2.0 but you only have lib0.2, you loser".
> As far as hearing horror stories on the list, that's because this is
> largely a help list.  The people who upgrade from slink to potato and
> don't have any problems don't ask for help.   I did it last week and
> it's very nice, thank you.


I'm no apt expert.  Would you write up a section on Apt for a Debian
Update HowTo?  I will voluteer to edit and put it together as well
as providing content.  If need be, I will even host it on my server.

The HowTo would include lists of packages and the techniques
on how to bring the latest version of applications to the current
Stable Debian release.



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