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Re: Slink to Potato

> When I asked a similar question a long time ago (but still when slink
> was stable!) it was explained to me thusly:  if you start modifying
> "stable", then you might break it.  That means that if one permitted
> regular modifications/upgrades to stable packages, one would have to
> go through the entire beta-test cycle ON THE ENTIRE RELEASE each time
> a package was upgraded.  This is impractical.

Stability with stagnation in a rapidly evolving world is not practical.

Forcing the hundreds or thousands of people who have updated their
Debian releases to do so without the assistance of others who have
already done so is most impractical.

> The problem, of course, is that potato is taking a very long time to
> be released.  (Is it even frozen yet?  I haven't kept track.)  I,
> too, am waiting for some of the newer software with metaphorically
> bated breath.  So, since you offered to help, the thing you could do
> is help test potato and get it released.

I have no desire to test potato at this time.  I have other projects which
consume my time.  I will, however, write up a Debian Update HowTo which
lists those Unstable modules which people have ported to Slink so that
every other person who wants to do this doesn't have to go through the
agony of researching everything anew.

I know of no other distribution which provides this information.  Debian
could be the first.  Of course, with Slink being so out of date, it just
so happens that Debian needs this more than the others.  At this point,
it needs it very badly.



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