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Re: vi problems

Dean Allen Provins wrote:
> Hello:
> I use 'vi' exclusively, and until upgrading to Debian 2.1, never
> experienced any problems with 'vi' exits.  It always exited on the same line
> at which it was started.  I believe at the time, I was using 'elvis' as 'vi'.
> For the record, I use 'xterm's under OpenLook, and that is were I observe
> the problem.
> Now 'vi' (or rather 'nvi', as that is what is in /etc/alternatives) exits
> at seemingly arbitrary locations on the screen.  Consequently, I have
> to 'clear' the screen to find the prompt before carrying on with other
> work.
If you are using telnet, don't underestimate the ability of a poor
terminal emulation implementation to cause this sort of problem.  You
might try different terminal settings in telnet, or a different telnet
client (this solved a problem I was having with Mutt leaving my screen
in reverse video).

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