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Re: Slink to Potato

> I've been slowly upgrading my packages from slink to potato, and
> frankly, have never had a single problem.  I was nervous about upgrading
> perl, because I've seen all sorts of veiled references to possible
> hosage (although I've never seen a concise statement of the actual
> problem), but eventually I just did it, and removed the old perl.
> Result?  No problems, everything seems to work perfectly.  Perhaps there
> are a few packages that crash and burn, but I apparently don't use any
> of them.
> -Miles

That's great.

This is what I've heard, but not what I see in the mailing list archive
where people ask about problems with Potato and they are answered only
"That's what unstable means."  In other words, you're on your own, pal.

Some people just don't have the luxury of working with Unstable. However, much
of the software released, like Gnome, GIMP, LyX and such *is* stable.
Enlightenment 0.15.x is quite stable, albeit incomplete. It is no less stable
than the 0.14.6 that ships on the Slink CDs. So what I'd like to see is a
collection of upgrades to the current Stable from the Unstable chain, just the
way its done in the Linux kernel. This will keep everybody happy and will delay
the obsolescense of Stable. Right now, I wouldn't recommend Slink to anybody.
It's just too out of date.  I'm only playing around with it because I have
a need for it in the future.

What can we do to get this accomplished?

I'm willing to put in some work to get this ball going.  Does anybody
else see this as worthwhile?



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