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Replacing exim with a source package of qmail

Hi guys.

I installed exim because a mailer was required by some of the other
packages I wanted.  I promptly disabled it, and compiled my own
version of qmail, and have been using that.

But now I want to install the source package of qmail.  A quick
'apt-get --build source qmail' and I've got the package.

Problem:  when I try to install it, it says it conflicts with exim.
When I try to remove exim, it says it's required by other packages.

How do I switch from exim to qmail?  Do I have to use a yucky force
option, or is there a cleaner way to go about it?

Bruce Z. Lysik  <eldrik@logrus.com>   http://www.logrus.com/~eldrik
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