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Understanding apt-get. Was Re: Help--potato upgrade flakey with apt-get/dselect

>On Thu, 2 Sep 1999 kaynjay@igalaxy.net wrote:

>> I apologize up front for the length of this post, but am trying to max
>> the info for brave souls who may be able to help me...
>> An upgrade initially using apt-get then finished with deselect has
>> left an unknown number of packages possibly not upgraded.  
>> Slink-->potato, BTW.

My thanks to Brad and Jason for their help.  Things are more or less normal,
though I'll throw another post out shortly about gnome.

I did not realize that a problem which arises during apt's operations would
cause it to stop short of completing other installations.  That explains
fully the unconfigured packages and missing upgrades.   Now that it's
daylight I can (again) say "duh!" when looking back on things.  The thought
from both fellows to simply rerun/correct-as-you-go until it drops into place

The packages which caused problems were 1) setserial--not finishing its setup
because the module_update mechanism was o.o.date (perhaps due to another pkg.
not yet being installed?); I ran a forced update later which removed the msg,
as suggested. 2) sane/libsane--libsane died trying to overwrite a file
already on sane's list.  I renamed that file after the 1st failure, and it
still died w/same complaint.  Solution was to remove the 2 packages.  

Today I don't recall others, if any.

My ncurses3.4 problem disappeared after completion of the install.  Trashed
it then.

I used the potato level ncurses libs for kernel compilation.  Do the kernel
dev packages have something different?

The old perl will drop soon (my wife wants on, so I'm back in OS/2... she
doesn't want to learn new keystrokes yet  ;).

Thanks again,


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