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Re: Why use Debian? Why not Red Hat?

David said:

> How does zero floppy install stack up?
> I installed my latest Debian slink from a single CD with no floppy
> at all. In fact the floppy did not work at all, a fact I didn't
> discover until much later.  Once the system was up, I pulled all the
> updates off the net.
> --David
> David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu

Yes it can be done that way (no floppy and single CD), but with the binary
now occupying 2 CD's, its best to boot from CD-1(most modern pc's support CD
booting), do all the preliminary things....when you get to the dselect step
you first do the U and I steps using CD-2, then repeat the U and I steps
with CD-1 THEN do the A (Access) step selecting 'apt' and repeat the U and I
steps and THEN do the C (configure step).  I am pointing this out simply for
the benefit of beginners like myself who initially did not know the correct
sequence for the 2 CD's.

Of course you could skip the U and I steps with the CD's entirely, but
unless you have a fast network connection downloading much of which is
available on your CD's will be a lot slower than first taking advantage of
what is on your CD's.

One stumbling block with the 'apt' network install portion is that your
network connection may require you to use a proxy server for http.  The
Debian 2.1 CD install system does not provide a convenient way to direct
dselect to use your proxy server.  Often using ftp rather than http for this
step will remove this stumbling bock as ftp is less likely to be proxy'd.
But while the http addresses are given, the ftp ones are not.  They should
be I believe.  Can someone provide them for both the US and non-US servers?


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