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Re: trouble with fdisk and activate the swap

I always set up my swap partition as a primary partition and I don't
have that problem. I can never read the blocks right, but it looks like
the swap partition is more than 128MB. You can set up multiple swap
partitions but they can not be more than 128MB.


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>>> Andrei Ivanov <c680789@showme.missouri.edu> 08/25/99 09:58PM >>>
> 	   Device Boot   Start      End   Blocks   Id  System
> 	   /dev/hda1   *        1     4063  2047720+  83  Linux native
> 	   /dev/hda2         4064     8127  2048256   83  Linux native
> 	   /dev/hda3         8128     8400   137592   82  Linux swap

Wrong. You created Swap as a primary partition, but it has to be
(/dev/hda4 it will be)

> 	Syncing disks.
> 	Re-read table failed with error 16: Device or resource busy.
> 	Reboot your system to ensure the partition table is updated.
> 	My first question: why is it happening? Do I have to reboot??

This is ok. You have to reboot to update the partition table, but dont
change the fstab file yet (you can, though)
Once you boot it up, do mkswap /dev/hda4
Then swapon


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