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Some keys aren't working in X

I've recently installed Debian on a new Gateway PIII-400. Everything is
dandy, except in the X Window System some of my keys don't work,
particularly the arrow keys and page-up/page-down keys. It doesn't
matter what wm I'm using.

I do get an error about some non-fatal xkeyboard xmapper problem, but I
don't think that's it because I've seen this message on other boxen and
they didn't exhibit this same behaviour. Besides, a search on the Debian
mail archives found the exact error text (I don't have the text
available at the moment), and the posters don't mention the
non-functioning keys symptoms that I have. (BTW, I never saw any
follow-up answers to those questions -- does no one know the answer, or
did I just not have an efficient enough search working for me?).

I tried to read the manuals on xkeyboard/xmapper/console & X/etc, but
couldn't make heads or tails out of it. I reckon I'm still too much of a
newbie to understand Linux documentation (but I'm workin' on it...).

BTW, I had to resort to the FBDev method of getting my X system to work
with my currently-unsupported Rage128 video card; that may or may not
have any bearing on my problem.

Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks!

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