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Re: script command question

On Wed 09/01/99 01:30PM, Marc Mongeon wrote:
> I'm trying to improve my shell programming skills anyway, so I made a
> first pass at a program that will strip backspaces from an input file.  I
> stopped short of making it robust enough to handle edits that cross
> a newline; for example, the following backspaces will be left in the
> output:
> Here comes the end of line^H^H^H^H
> line.
> Here is the output from a sample input file, and the script is included
> at the bottom.  I apologize for poor line wrapping; I wasn't careful to
> keep the line length less than 75 when I wrote the script.  Please
> comment and offer suggestions for improvement.
Cool. Thanks. I needed an example of how to get the script to
receive the text to be filtered. This'll help a lot. Thanks again.
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