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Starting debian servers/Samba Newbie - help

I need a POP3, FTP, Print and Web server. I would use NT server, but then
I have to buy an expensive POP3 server.  To save money and have a more
reliable server, I would like to use debian.  Here are the plans: 

Goals are:
	1. Simple setup
	2. Secure
	3. Good available documentation

What I need are:
	1. Recommendations
	2. Point me to any and all documentation, please !
	3. Any recommended books

Plans are:

Samba: Can't see a way around this.  I hear it supports encrypted
passwords now.  I don't think it did last time I used it. 

POP3:  Can anyone recommend a good,  less than 10 user POP3 server. 
Simple, secure setup important. 

FTP:  Probably use FTPd that debian ships with debian (I Think it does?)

Print:  I think I can mount a raw print device and share it across
network.  This way it is printer independent. 

Web Server:  I plan on apache.

Computers on the network are:
	1. Windows NT 4.0 workstation
	2. Windows98 Laptop
	3. P133-48MBRam 1GB disk debian server

Thanks for the help,


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