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gtk-config problem...


I decided to install a gtk-based IRC client (to get help in #linux
ironically enough), and I encountered some problems with the "configure"
script.  I've installed all of the gtk and glib libs, and also the dev
files, so that gtk-config exists (though I can't find glib-config), and
I'm sure they're more recent than the minimum req'd version (1.0.4)...but
whenever I run the script, I get:

"configure: error: Cannot find correct version of GTK - is gtk-config in

and I've also checked, and 'ldconfig'ed the /etc/ld.so.conf file, and made
sure that it's got all of the proper paths in it (typing 'gtk-config' @
the CL gives me the proper prompt.

anyone have any suggestions?


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