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TrueType fonts, xfstt and freefont


i've got tired of the tiny fonts in netscape and installed the xfstt and the freefont package. when i ran the 'xfstt --sync' it complained about not finding any *.ttf files. i looked at what is in the freefont package and discovered that the fonts are  in .pbf format.

so,  xfstt is not meant to use freefont?

according to freefont's documentation all that's needed is to restart the x server but that does not solve the netscape problem. i've searched for the basic .ttf fonts without success, although i've seen some suggestions to use fonts off the m$ site. after a while i tried it but all i see are .exe files.  can somebody explain the business with freefont and also point me to the source of .ttf? please, cc me  as i'm temporary unsubscribed. tia,


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