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Re: Netscape

"Keith G. Murphy" wrote:

> That's interested.  I seem to have experienced the most problems when I
> was running it under AfterStep; fewer now that I run under IceWM (no
> Here's a question: does anyone's NS handle large combo boxes in HTML
> forms correctly?  Whenever I need to select an item off a very large
> combo box (like states in an online order form: multiple popup windows
> created), my keyboard stops working, at least within NS.  This has been
> consistent over different Window Managers and versions of NS.

I have experienced this as well.  Only thing I can do about it is fill in the text
boxes, then go back and to the combo boxes, and restart netscape when I'm done.
This gets annoying, but it's all I can find to do about it...

                                                                --Ryan Chouinard

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