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Re: DSL good enough to run a small server on?

If you can get DSL and afford it do it!  You should have no problem
running a server off of it.  I work for an internet company that offers
DSL for corporate use (Bell Atlantic has not really made that technology
availibale in upstatd NY yet).  All of our DSL customers are running
servers off of the connection.  The one DSL install that I did was
configured line from the DSL jack -> DSL Modem -> crossover cable -> Win
NT server -> router -> work stations You can though go DSL jack -> modem
-> router -> network of comptuers.  I've heard that sometimes the phone
company changes your IP address every 12hrs though which sort of makes it
hard to run a server.  You could always try to get a static IP but which
I'm sure IF they offer will cost you a pretty penny :) Your best bet would
be to go through a local ISP to get the service.  They maybe able to get
it to you cheaper and they have deal with all of the BS from the phone
company and not you.  Right now in the upstate NY area the price of DSL
for a 8m line is $4999.00/ month (most of which is just the phone company
charge for the line each month). 

In my experience it is more reliable than ISDN or Frame Realy.  It is more
secure than Cable.  Most of all, it is FAST!

Just my $.02


On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, [iso-8859-1] André Bell wrote:

> My local phone company sends me ads every week for a dsl account and I'm
> wondering if it is good enough to run a small server on since it is 24
> hours direct connection and "50 times faster than 28k".  
> Something about the pricing and the offer make it seem too good to be true.
>  I'm thinking maybe dsl only allows one connection through one dsl modem
> instead of multiple connections that can be achieved through
> server/hub/router.  I'm only guessing since I know nothing about dsl.
> Are there manholes I need to watch out for? Should I instead get a 4-8 port
> ethernet hub and digital lines and a partial t1 line whatever that is )I
> know what t1 is I don't know what a _partial_ t1 line is). I read about
> this at http://www.draper.net/RedHat-FAQ/DOCS/tips4.html
> Thanks!
> Andre'
> p.s. I'm not trying to create dial up access, I simply want to provide
> virtual domain web and ftp space to a targeted group of surfers via my
> server.  Do I still need ports and hubs and routers for this?
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