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Re: More on XDM and runlevels

Chad Walstrom writes:

> Well, I can't site any reason w/xdm other than possibly using
> something like kdm or gdm periodically.  However, I do know run
> levels come in handy.  Let's say, for example, you'd like to work on
> your web pages at home, perhaps running mysql and apache with php.
> Yet, you're only running a 486 which has limited resources.  You've
> got no need to run Apache and MySQL all of the time, just when you
> need them.  There's where run levels come into play.

Another example is to reduce the level of service during backups, when
you don't want any activity that will change files half way through
them being copied to tape, etc.

Whether such activity is likely can depend on your exact situation.


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