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Re: IglooFTP goes commercial. Violation of GPL?

%% Jan Vroonhof <vroonhof@math.ethz.ch> writes:

  jv> Contrary to popular opinion the FSF is _not_ the sole copyright
  jv> holder of GNU Emacs. The copyright to FSF Emacs is jointly held by
  jv> the FSF and the Electrotechnical Laboratory (which is the Japanese
  jv> government research institute that is responsible for Mule).

How do you determine this?

All the copyright statements I saw in 20.4 after a quick check were
merely by the FSF, including such docs as etc/DISTRIB.

That's quite fascinating if true.  I wonder what the story is behind
this; RMS has never been willing to do this before, and for him to bend
like this simply to integrate what is, quite frankly, not a very good
implementation of i18n (IMO, of course) is interesting to say the least.

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