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Re: [Debian: XFree86] Minimal requirements

On Sat, Aug 07, 1999 at 11:46:20AM -0400, Bill Leach wrote:

> I don't believe that Linux (any distribution) and XFree will both fit
> on your ZIP disk.

It will, but you will have a very cut down environment.

> You can not install X without "graphic card dependencies".  That is,
> to display X sessions on your computer there must be an xserver that
> "knows how" to speak to your graphics hardware.

If the cards are all supported by the SVGA server you may be able to
work out something providing there aren't any problems with clock
settings and the like.  The framebuffer server can probably also do
the job.

> During installation a number of things happen that are specific to
> the machine that the installation is actually occurring on...
> Hostname and IP address is set as well as some hardware identification.

DHCP can get round the networking problems, and hardware identification
needn't be a problem for things that will autoprobe or if the machines
are identical (which appears not to be the case here).

> While I have now several times moved either a SCSI or a IDE hard drive
> from one machine to another (that contained a full, bootable, Linux
> system) and actually had the target machine work, I believe that there
> was a _lot_ of luck involved!

It depends on how customised your system is to the machine in question
and how easily the hardware can be identified.

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