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Re: [Debian: XFree86] Minimal requirements

Hi Michelle;

I don't believe that Linux (any distribution) and XFree will both fit
on your ZIP disk.

You can not install X without "graphic card dependencies".  That is,
to display X sessions on your computer there must be an xserver that
"knows how" to speak to your graphics hardware.

OTOH, you can install as many different xservers on any one machine
as you want (though only one is the default).

The configuration files for X are in /etc/X11/ (and _might_ have to
be different for each of your different machines).

NIC's are usually modules and generally other than taking up a little
room on the hard drive there is usually no problem with having NIC
modules for cards not actually present in the machine.

It sounds to me as though you want to do an installation on a machine
(to a zip disk?) and then use that same installation on other
machines?  Doing so is not "trivial"!

During installation a number of things happen that are specific to
the machine that the installation is actually occurring on...
Hostname and IP address is set as well as some hardware identification.

While I have now several times moved either a SCSI or a IDE hard drive
from one machine to another (that contained a full, bootable, Linux
system) and actually had the target machine work, I believe that there
was a _lot_ of luck involved!

On Sat, Aug 07, 1999 at 02:56:15PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello,
> It is possible to install Debian 2.1 and XFree86 on a 
> LS-120/ZIP-Disk without any grapic card depencies ???
> I like to use the installation on different computers 
> with different graphic cards.
> Possible with different NIC's too.
> Thanks in advance
> Webmistress Michelle
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