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Re: OT : RAM, please help.

Andrei Ivanov wrote:

> Sorry for OT question, but I'm completely stumped here.
> My stepfather has a custom Gateway machine, and he wanted to get some
> memory upgrades on it. The docs say that motherboard supports up to 32M
> 4x64 modulo SDRAM chip in each DIMM (it has 2).
> I told him to order the SDRAM, and now that memory arrives, each chip is
> recognised as 8M (instead of 32M).
> I talked to the company, they are willing to exchange....just I don't know
> for what.
> Gateway people don't know much, and tell me to use their store instead
> (that charges 2x).
> I have several suspicions:
> 1. Memory that we ordered was PC100, but board runs at 66 max. Gateway
> techsupport told me it would work.

> 2. When my stepfather first called them, he ordered 4x16 modulo, but I
> told him to call back and change the order to 4x64

I'm not much help, but since I didn't see any answers to your post I thought I'd stir
up some of the experts.

My first impression is that you probably received the 4x64 that you ordered since the
smallest DIMM I've seen is a 2x64 (16mb) and the 168pin DIMMS are all either x64 or
x72  - at least I think they are. (someone out there correct me if I'm wrong.) You
could confirm that by asking the vendor how to identify the size of the DIMMs that
were sent.

Next possibility is that the PC100 type doesn't play on that computer?  However, I've
seen 100 MHz DIMMs running at 66 MHz without a problem and gateway techsupport says
that it will. So while it still could be the problem, I'd begin to suspect something
in the setup of the board.

I know that you probably already checked all this.  But just in case you didn't ...
Did gateway techsupport or the motherboard manual mention any setting that needed to
be made for the clock speed of the chips? All the DIMMs I've seen were recognized
automatically, but I'm unfamiliar with gateway so it's possible that some setting
need to be changed.

Any Gateway Experts out there?

Good Luck

> Could they have sent
> us the wrong ram still, and that caused the 1/4 of memory recognized?
> Please help, I have no idea what to do now.
> TIA,
>    Andrew
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