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Re: backspace character does not exists in xterm,

Hello Brian,

On 06-Aug-99, you wrote:

BS> *- On 6 Aug, Lee Elliott wrote about "Re: backspace character does
BS> not exists in xterm,"
BS>> Hello J.H.M.,
BS>> On 02-Aug-99, you wrote:
BS>> JD\> On Sun, Aug 01, 1999 at 15:39:17 -0700, Oz Dror wrote: JD\>>
BS>> On xterm I have to type crtl-h to generate the backspace character
BS>> JD\>
BS>> JD\> The consistent keyboard behaviour implementation for X relies
BS>> on JD\> the use of the X Keyboard Extension. Make sure you don't
BS>> have a JD\> "XkbDisable" in /etc/X11/XF86Config. JD\>
BS>> JD\> HTH,
BS>> JD\> Ray
BS>> Hi,
BS>> I tried commenting this entry out of my XF86Config and on
BS>> reloading, the keyboard mapping was unusable. I eventually found
BS>> the return key was now my R-alt key, and the two lower alpha rows
BS>> on the keyboard were mapped six keys to the left, amongst the
BS>> random mappings on the rest of the keyboard. I couldn't find the
BS>> right combination to get to a console and as xdm was installed, the
BS>> system went straight into X leaving me with a completely unusable
BS>> system. Fortunately I'm just using this system to learn with so I
BS>> didn't mind having to completely re-install from scratch to get
BS>> around this. A rather drastic solution though.
BS>> Any hints or tips on what should be done before enabling the X
BS>> Keyboard Extension?
BS> Ouch!! How do you boot into linux? There are several ways to avoid a
BS> reinstall. One way to fix this is to boot into single user
BS> mode(which won't start anything up) and then edit the config file.
BS> If you use lilo to boot you can get the lilo prompt and enter your
BS> label for linux followed my 'single', i.e.
BS> LILO: linux single
BS> If you use loadlin just add single to the loadlin command line.
BS> Another option is to boot with the Debian rescue disk, hit enter at
BS> the boot: prompt and wait for the color selection dialog to come up.
BS> Then hit alt-f2 and enter. Now mount your linux partition that has
BS> the config file on it and edit it with ae editor that is on the
BS> rescue floppy.
BS> There is certainly no need to reinstall the os for a broken config
BS> file.

The 'other' problem is that when I install, I'm told that neither boot
from HD or boot floppies are implemented on Amiga.  I have to load from
AmigaDOS - perhaps there are some params I could change there.

As I said though, for me, it wasn't a problem - more like revision or
reading a book again with foreknowledge, but I thought a warning might
not go amiss as this doesn't seem to be 'common' knowledge.




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