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Re: LILO on hdc (to be hda)


>> The problem basically is that I want to be able
>> to specify three things:
>>  - root filesystem after Linux has booted
>>  - the device to write boot table to
>>  - the device for lilo to use at booting to read the kernels etc.
>> And I only have `root=' and `boot=' arguments to specify all
>> three.
Is it me or is it exactly what's explained in the Lilo mini-howto:
·  The next one shows how to install Lilo on a hard drive connected as
     /dev/hdc that will boot as /dev/hda.  This is usually needed when
     you install a new Linux drive from your own running system.

BTW, does anyone have an idea about how to use different fstab at bootup - by using a boot parameter for instance?
The idea is to be able to use a disk that is sometimes hda, sometimes hdb (my bios allows booting from the second drive).
For now, I have to go boot from floppy and manually edit fstab (or link it to a different file)
Of course I could set up two boot partitions, with each its own /etc/fstab... but is it possible to specify which fstab file to use at boot time?

Thanx for any idea

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