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Re: slink problems

Stephane Bortzmeyer writes:
 > [I'm not on debian-admintool and I hate posting on lists where I'm not.]

That's why they have open archives.  :)

 > On Thursday 5 August 1999, at 11 h 6, the keyboard of Russell Nelson 
 > <nelson@crynwr.com> wrote:
 > > create a hard link to their installers ONLY if the installer will
 > > never ask questions.  Give that link the same name prepended by a
 > Some install scripts HAVE TO ask questions.

Right.  They get sorted to the end, so you end up with:
  o Select package (or packages)
  o Download
  o Install questionless packages
  o Install questionable :) packages

That way, you get a big chunk of "no attention needed" time in the
middle.  Presumably you actually want to use the machine after it's
been installed, so there's no cost (in human attention) to asking a
few config questions immediately before the install process finishes.

 > > Actually, the right way to solve this problem is for Debian to adopt
 > > webmin (http://webmin.com),
 > The idea seems right but the solution is not: WebMin is horribly
 > non-free, so there is no chance Debian will adopt it. If someone
 > could write a similar free program, I'll pay him/her a beer when he
 > will visit Paris (actually, several beers, if the program works).

It's not "horribly" non-free, it only lacks the freedom to
redistribute modifications.  "Horribly" non-free would be [ insert
your favorite proprietary software here].  But yes, I can see why
Debian would not adopt it.

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