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Re: unpredictable gcc behavior (not signal 11) with recent slink system

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Timothy Burt wrote:

> The problem is unpredictable in the sense that the compile always
> fails but rarely in the same place.

 It really does look like a hardware problem of some kind, I agree. Have
you tried running the memory at 95MHz? I had a 128MB DIMM that wouldn't
work reliably unless I ran the system at 95MHz. (At least, in my
motherboard. It seems to work fine in a different model.)

 With 256MB, I doubt if you're swapping, but it could conceivably still be
a disk problem. Try reading and writing a *lot* of files. A friend of mine
had lots of trouble burning CDs. He eventually found that he was getting
very infrequent read/write corruptions on his Adaptec SCSI bus. It didn't
happen very often, but enough to hose a CD write session.

 He slowed down the SCSI bus speed and the problem went away...


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