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Re: older deb packages

Paul Nesbit wrote:
>     I 've just recently installed (from scratch) the most recent stable
> version of Debian (slink).  I ftp'd the files necessary to my win box,
> and installed from hard disk.  My question is:  I have a distribution on
> CD (Debian/GNU Linux 1.2.0).  After installing the base, I've used
> dselect with this CD.  Is this a bad idea?
Probably as the apps on the CD are very old and use different library
files than those used by Slink.

>     I've been unable to successfully install the man utility.  I have a
> ppp connection working (a fairly slow connection), am I better off using
> dselect with ftp?
I would, Even if it's slow, as long as its reliable, start with
downloading and installing apt. Then use "apt" to install the apps you
want (I would do the man system first). It will do it properly, without
you having to know all the dependencies. Please read the instructions
for apt on the web site.

John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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