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Howto force downgrade of WINE

I've found some clues in the list archives and in the man pages, but I
figured since the man page warned that this was something for experts
only or you may hose your system, I better ask specific questions before

I've been running a Windows-based backgammon game ("Backgammon, by
George", shareware, very nicely done) via WINE for the last couple of
months. It's the only thing that MUST work in order to keep my family
content and my box running full-time Linux. However, a couple of days
ago I upgraded to the WINE version in unstable, and the game broke. Now
every time I get up from the computer someone's rebooting it into
Windows or complaining that they can't play backgammon.

I figure if I can reinstall the WINE from stable, the game may start
working again, but apt-get won't downgrade, and as I mentioned, dpgk's
man page warns of dire consequences. Can anyone give me a step-by-step
to downgrade WINE?


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