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Re: Linux LAN probs - a shaggy dog story?

This sounds more like a hardware problem than a config problem because _some_ of your
pings are making it through. If it were a config problem I would expect you to get
_no_ ping responses.

Patrick Kirk wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have two working Linux boxes now.  cat has IP and dog has
>  When I reboot cat it can ping dog but reports over 50% losses.
> Likewise dog and ping cat with close on 50% losses.
> If I tru to telnet from dog to cat, I get the cat login prompt and then the
> system freezes as I enter a username.
> >From that point neither machine can ping the other.
> I also have a NT box.  If I put it on instead of dog, cat can ping NTbox.
> But NTbox cannot ping cat.  Request times out.
> cat is my default gateway to the Internet, tho obviously is as useful as a
> chocolate teapot right now.
> Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
> IDEA: is it an ipmasq problem?
> Patrick
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> kick-boxing instead"
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