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Re: Argh! I think my last msg sent as HTML...

> > Linksys EtherFast something-or-other that uses the Tulip netcard driver
> Not sure, maybe someone else knows if this is okay (not my area of
> knowledge).
I went through hell to get this one to work..once. After a reboot, it
refused to work again. It works fine under Windows, so I guess it
just doesn't like Linux. My advice: Get a D-Link 530TX. It was 24.95
at CompUSA and it worked flawlessly with the via-rhine driver
the first time I tried.

Regarding Roadrunner, look at the rrlogind and rrdhcpcd packages.
They should have what you need.
Stephen Pitts
webmaster - http://www.mschess.org

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