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Help identify motherboard (486)

Hi all:

I've inherited a i486 DX4 from a friend, that's supposed to run at
100MHz. However the computer seems very slow. There's no documentation 
to the motherboard, and I'm afraid I'm running it with "Turbo" turned
off, and I don't know which pins are responsible for "Turbo" (they are 
only marked numerically). Neither can I connect internal speaker.

The motherboard has a Socket 3, ALI M1429 A1 chipset, American
Megatrends AMIBIOS with inscription "486DX ISA BIOS", 7 ISA slots, 8
slots for 39-pin RAM. The only marking on the board itself is "PAT 48
AV - 1.10". It came with an IDE controller card with no identification 
on it; it supports up to 2 IDE devices + floppy, and has chips with
markings "UMC UM82C865F" on it.

It looks like it was bouhg in 1994 or around that time. I'd appreciate 
any pointers as to where to look for its specs. I'm also interested to 
know whether there have been any BIOS updates, and BIOS manual too,
because I've never had a 486 before... I intend to use it as a

Arcady Genkin
"... without money one gets nothing in this world, not even a certificate
of eternal blessedness in the other world..." (S. Kierkegaard)

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