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Re: I need some info/piece of mind before installing linux

Mounting an MS-DOS filesystem should work - I was doing that until I
realised you could do VFAT.  You'll just be without your
long filenames.

There is a Windows 'emulator' called "WINE" for Linux but it's not 100%
reliable and is still listed as a developer's-only alpha release to the
best of my knowledge.

I believe there is a UNIX win emulator called WAPI, but it's commercial
and I don't know how much it would cost.

Wahoo!  My first opportunity to *give back* to this list. :)

David Teague wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Gentleman Loser wrote:
> > I got a CD with the Debian realease(a cd from the Boot Magazine's
> > suplementary CD).
> > I guess all in all im fine with just blazing over my hard drive
> > with linux, but i really want to keep my mp3 files, text/doc/wri
> > files, my webpage, and real audio files.  If you could only tell
> > me one thing it would be how i could carry these things over to
> > linux.  I don't have a cd burner to store them, and some of the
> > files are bigger that a floppy.  The only thing i can think of is
> > keeping them on the second drive while the first drive makes the
> > conversion to linux, then im hoping that in linux i can still
> > access the non-linux second drive, put it's contents onto the
> > first drive than convert the second drive to linux.  If that can
> > be done, could you expalain how?
> >
> > also, is there any way to still use Win95 apps in linux, i like to
> > make techno music on my computer and would like to carry over my
> > production music(and video games for that matter) to linux, is
> > this possible??
> >
> > thanks for any info you can give me, also if you can think of
> > anything else usefull to a linux newbie like me, please send it.
> Joshua
> If you install Debian on one drive, data on the other drive is
> unlikely to be affected adversely, I suspect you have more data than
> you really want to put on floppies. However, Assuming your files are
> on MS DOS file system, you could use pkzip to put them on a sequence
> of floppies.
> You will be able to read MS DOS, Vfat, and NT file systems from
> Linux if support for these is in your kernel.  The install kernels
> usually have MSDOS file system support, but I don't think the will
> have NT or Vfat (wind 95 32 bit fs) support. So I do not know
> whether you will be able to get to your files with the kernel that
> comes on your CD.
> This is a wonderful bunch of men and women who provide help on this
> list. Others probably will respond with words of assistance,
> encouragement, and caution.
> I wish you luck in installing and learning to use Linux.
> --David
> David Teague, dbt@cs.wcu.edu
> Debian GNU/Linux Because software support is free, timely,
>                  useful, technically accurate, and friendly.
>                  (I'm hoping this is all of the above!)
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