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Re: problems with 2.2.8 kernel

The kernel automatically sets the route to the interfaces in kernels >=
2.1.(one of them). So you can comment out the route lines in

AFAICT, that shouldn't have anything to do with why it can't talk on the
network though.

Does ifconfig show the device?

Also, you should use the ne2k-pci module instead of ne2k, if that is your


Joel Keating <jkeating@execpc.com> wrote:
> I finally have gotten just about everything in my kernel working except
> for support for my network card.  I am running 2.2.8 kernel and have a
> LinkSys EtherPCI Lan II card.  In my old 2.0.36 kernel i used NE2k
> driver and it works fine.  When i try to load this driver in the 2.2.8
> kernel i get the following message when i try to do any kind of routing
> adds or anything.  (Basically it doesn't work, can't talk on the
> network) :
>     SIOCADDRT: Operation not supported by device
> Anyone have any idea how i can fix this?  Thank You.
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