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Re: New windows

On 22 Jun 1999, Wayne Topa wrote:
> 	Subject: Re: New windows
> 	Date: Tue, Jun 22, 1999 at 08:35:44AM +0100
> In reply to:Anthony Campbell
> > Could some Windowmaker enthusiast tell me what else is needed please?
> > 
> > Anthony
> Anthony
> What version are you running?  I have Version: 0.53.0-2 and it is
> running fine.  Take a look in /usr/doc/wmaker-usersguide-ps/guide.ps.gz
> That should help you get on your way.  The orhewr docs are in
> /usr/doc/wmaker.

My version is 0.20.3-5, which perhaps explains my problem. Where did you
find the later version, and does it work with slink?


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