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Re: Emacs, Netscape and Apache - together?

On Sat, Jun 19, 1999 at 06:11:20PM -0700, Wyn Snow wrote:
> I have now become semi-experienced in installing Debian kernels,
> using
> dselect and dpkg, and have successfully gotten X-windows, Emacs, and
> Apache working (and ppp, whew!).  However, Netscape Navigator is
> barfing
> at me, saying it cannot load libraries.  I have twice reinstalled
> the library
> it most recently complains about, so the library is not corrupted.
> I recently spent a day installing kernel 2.0.34 with full X-windows
> and
> Emacs and web stuff, and configuring everything the way I want.  I
> downloaded
> three different Netscape binaries off the Netscape site, all for
> Linux, in
> various flavors (4.06 Navigator only, 4.06 Communicator, 4.5x can't-
> remember-if-it-was-just-Nav-or-Communicator).  After gunzipping and
> de-
> tarring them and ns-installing them, and trying to run them,
> they all said they could not load libXpm.so.4 (sigh).
> Previously, I had installed a smaller (basic) workstation
> and then added X-windows, and had a similar problem when I gunzipped
> and de-tarred (and feathered) and installed Netscape: when I tried
> to
> run it, it complained it could not load libXt.so.6 ... durn.
> In both cases, a library of that name was there, so I suspect this
> is
> some sort of version-compatibility problem.

Assuming you have Hamm installed, and you have downloaded the supported
version of Netscape for Linux from the Netscape web site (the supported
version being the libc5 version, I believe), you need to do the
following :

* Install the libc5 and xlib6 (and also probably xpm4.7) packages from
  Opt./oldlibs. (This should fix the complaints about librairies not

* Use the Netscape installer (from contrib) to install netscape. To do
  this, you need to copy you Netscape binary to /tmp/, and probably
  to rename it a bit for the installer to recognise it).

The first step should be enough to solve the issue. The second is the
clean recommended way to do the installation, but is not mandatory
(I believe).

Hope it helps.


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